About Us

The Beginning…
We are relatively seasoned, as GWRRA Chapters go. In 1986, a number of Yukoners decided that joining the international Gold Wing Road Riders Association would be a great thing. They would receive training if they asked, learn about new safety techniques, meet other members on a grand scale who held the same beliefs and riding practices as they did, and get to have a whole lot of fun in the process! So, our little chapter was born.

In July of 2022, GWRRA folded unexpectedly and a new organization was formed – Eagle Wings Motorcycle Association (EWMA).  Our little group decided to go along with them and we became a Charter Chapter of EWMA.

We meet at Ricky’s All Day Grill every Sunday for breakfast at 10:00 AM, during the whole year. Now, we don’t have the benefit of riding all year round, but from about April through October, we take a ride after each breakfast weather permitting. This ride usually turns out to be full of great scenery and can last up until midnight. You see, the sun doesn’t go down much during our summer riding season up here and that can be very interesting. It seems that our motorcycles just want to keep running as long as there’s light!

Looking Forward…
With covid slowly transitioning to being a memory, we are starting to get back to our regular events. Going to Wolf’s Den is a regular event once a month all year round as are our weekly Sunday breakfast at Ricky’s. The annual Mother’s Day ride to Marsh Lake is May 8th this year… and we are still adding things to do, so check the calendar often as you may see something you want to take part in.