Alaska Bucket Trip

There are numerous sites on the internet with info regarding the Alaska Highway. It is for many one of the “bucket List” trips to take. These pages however, are for the adventures involved in riding your motorcycle from Mile 0 on the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, through The Yukon, and into Alaska. Road report links, weather links, lodging, and fuel are the main purpose these pages are here. These pages are written from a motorcyclist perspective… small fuel tanks while trying to travel fairly lite. The biggest asset in these pages is the distance and services offered on each page of the journey.

This page is the portal and from here you can navigate to:

  • British Columbia
  • Yukon
  • Alaska
  • Optional route to Alaska via Dawson City and the Top of the World Highway is evidently closed. (When I have more info on this I will get it posted).
  • Optional return route from Yukon via Junction 37
  • Optional route Southern Lakes / Skagway, Alaska

The top of each location page has distances for fuel, lodging and cell phone service. This is so that each page, although written from mile 0, can be used on the return trip. Links for places to stay and services are right in each location page so you you have an idea of what you can expect upon arrival.
We are also working to make this set of pages a document you can download and have with you as there are many locations without cell or internet service and this will help you have an idea where you are and how far between. Something to consider when planning this trip is possibly ordering tires to swap in Whitehorse and have then waiting so that either on the way to or the return from they are there when needed. We have a lot of chip seal highway and they can be killer on rubber.
We hope you find these pages useful in planning your trip.

Wildlife… yes, there will be a lot… and not all of it will be friendly. What a 3000lb bison or 2000lb moose can do to a bike is minor compared to what a 1500lb grizzly will do to you. Be smart… be safe… admire through a lens at a distance. Remember… they run faster than you… and faster than you can turn your bike around.